Ever since I was young I have always been picky about what I eat, what I wear, where I go and what I do. Now that I am older I realise that this was because I really just wanted the best things and really experience everything to the fullest. It’s not about being snobbish or snooty in fact if you ever meet me you would think I was just a down to earth person.

Being a mom I became more aware of every detail to make my kids and I have a more enjoyable stay from moving around in our own car, staying in good service hotels (with room service after a long trip) to delicious food the kids can eat.

Now that I travel more often I wanted to share the rare finds that meet my standards and how you can avoid the mediocre tourist traps that so often lay ahead ready to spring on unsuspecting tourists like me.

I hope you find useful tips on my blog from my experiences about how to travel both with kids and with your loved ones.