Old Charming Quebec City, Canada

I was a bit nervous travelling to Quebec as I was travelling alone without my husband and children. I was uneasy about how I would get around and where to go. Little did I know that all those trips watching my husband plan each step had rubbed off on me.  My wanderlust carried me out the door and unto a new adventure into a magical place!


A grueling 3 connecting flights to get to Quebec City started with a 15 hour flight from Manila to Vancouver. I then realized I had booked a 10 hour lay over from Vancouver to Montreal! Luckily I had lounge access with Canada Air so it was not so terrible as it seemed.

The final leg was Montreal to Quebec. I finally made it! Not an easy city to get to but worth it. Luckily I was welcomed by the Fairy tale looking Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac.


Behind the Chateau is a long boardwalk overlooking Saint Lawrence River where I enjoyed a lovely stroll. I really enjoyed the moment of solitude to just reflect on life and get away from all my mundane worries of managing a household and a family 24/7.

I had the junior suite on the 17th floor and the view was spectacular with excellent service. From clean bed sheets and towels I couldn’t complain. I had access to the Club Lounge so that’s where I enjoyed my early morning breakfast and got to enjoy a view over looking the city of the Saint Lawrence River.

I had room service 3 times and my favorites were the Lobster Roll with sweet potato fries. Lightly toasted Brioche bun and a generous amount of freshly made lobster mixed with light dressing. When you love french fries as much as I do you try to opt for the healthier option so glad they paired it with Sweet Potato fries. For dessert I tried Pouding Chomeur ( Poor mans Pudding ). Reminded me of a very light chiffon butter cake.

I love the mansard roof with a vibrant red color vibe on the Pubs and Restaurants around the town. You can try authentic french cuisine here or just enjoy happy hour.

When in a new city try not to skip the food tours. If you are a foodie like me its worth sampling into their cuisines. One thing about Canada they all have their own version of the traditional savory dish called Poutine. Since they were under the french rule they do of course love cheese. So I was able to taste their delicious grilled cheese and ham sandwich. The secret creamy spread inside was the surprise in very bite.

Another tour I highly recommend is the Art and Architecture tour. If you love admiring different Styles and Designs the Le Petit Seminaire de Quebec and Ursulines of Quebec these are perfect examples of typical Quebec architecture.

Place Royale is a charming square with beautiful picturesque shops and restaurants. You can get here from Fairmont Chateau Frontenac by taking the funicular straight down to the old town square if you don’t feel like taking a walk. But if you want to explore the whole town then just walk along the cobbled streets to build up an appetite.


Every time I see a Christmas shop I make sure to buy special ornaments to bring home and put up in my Christmas tree. I didn’t even know that this particular shop was one of the filming locations for of a famous Korean T.V series called Guardian: The Lonely and Great God or also known as Goblin.


Staying in a fairy tale Chateau and going exploring a totally new part of the world on my own was so terrifying at first but by the end it was exhilarating once I got more confident in myself.

Travel tip: You need to travel alone just once in your life and do what you always wanted to do (Even if no one else may be interested in it as well). Live for yourself once in awhile and ironically you will likely discover how important others are in your life even more.

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  1. Nice comments on Quebec. Hvnt bn to Quebec yet. Feel I know it fr your comments.


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