One Month In Europe With kids, Part 3: Lucerne and France

Loire Valley

The beautiful Chateau de Chambord is the back drop for our first stop on our Loire Valley trip. It took a long drive but it was all worth it once we entered the magnificent palatial grounds which for us is second only to Versailles.


What does set this apart from the other Chateaus are the Ipads that they use for kids to follow a treasure hunt for secret coins hidden in artifacts scattered in rooms throughout the chateau.

Travel tip: May need to spend about 2 hours to do this whole hunt unless you are pretty fit and good at finding things. The girls were really engaged though!


Chateau de Chenonceau

We decided to focus on the outside this time as we were short on time and wanted to take nice photos of the girls in their lovely dresses.


Nothing is quite as intriguing as the maze in front of Chateau de Chenonceau so make sure to stop by along the path before heading to the house. The chateau rests upon a lovely little river with its graceful arches that truly make this the Chateau of the Queen as they say.

Chapel Bridge – Lucerne

It was generally a cloudy day but we caught a glimpse of sun in between as we crossed over the always remarkable chapel bridge on our way to our traditional cheese fondue.


Cheese and Dark Chocolate Fondue

A must do for kids is to try fondue. The cheese was a mix of local cheeses with potatoes and bread. The chocolate was a dark and rich medley that went well with the marshmallows and fruits.

Travel tip: Just share with your little ones and ask for extra bread and fruits as they like. The dips are enough for our family of five.

We just did the regular tourist spot but asked our concierge to book a table next to the water. Picture perfect setting as the sunset late into the evening!


The ducks were more than happy to gobble up our left over bread as we took in the sights.


Colmar, France

This quaint little historical town is absolutely adorable! The flowers along the banks and the meandering canal takes your breath away as you are transported to an age gone by.

You can take a canal boat as well but I didn’t want to risk it with our little one not yet ready to swim.



The brightly coloured houses are a great backdrop for pictures so make sure to snap as many as possible.

The town is very walkable and they have several shops along the way so you will always find something to do.

Travel tip: If you are an early riser, grab baguettes and croissants at the local bakery instead of eating at the hotel which gets really tiring after a long road trip.


So ends our wonderful road trip thank you for coming along with us and hope you can one day experience the wonderful countryside of France and Switzerland.



It was truly an unforgettable trip for my girls for a month which they will never forget. The trip was not easy by any stretch but the pictures speak for themselves. Thank god for Auto Grills along the highway for the much needed stops between long drives (never more than 4 hours a day if we could help it).

Always remember it is the little moments along the way and the time spent with them throwing them on the bed and watching them jump and play with each other in between that are the most memorable and not just the beautiful monuments and places packed with tourists as you snap off your pictures and eat overpriced cafe food.

Enjoy the journey! In tribute to our Favourite TV host Anthony Bourdain I end with the quote from him “I urge you to travel — as far and as widely as possible”


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