Captivating Cappadocia, Turkey


A Short hop, skip and a jump from Istanbul is a fascinating place called Cappadocia that is well known for it’s hot air balloon rides over amazing rock formations but actually had many other hidden gems lying underneath the surface literally…

Behind a rock door lies an Underground city which sheltered thousands of Turks from numerous invaders over centuries due to its important location as the crossroads of trade and power between Europe and Asia.

Travel tip: If you have handicap or have difficulty bending down and moving this is not for you. Best to only go to the first floors/rooms and then go out if at all (ask the local guides)


We visited the amazing Fairy chimneys which were formed by a combination of separate layers of rock formed over millions of years. My husband wasn’t able to use his drone for this but he said to take a look at this amazing drone video


He did however take this amazing shot of our Museum Hotel that had amazing views of the surrounding landscape and is right behind a Fortress which looked like a life size sand castle. I will review the hotel more in a future post but for now I will say it was a truly unique romantic experience I will never forget.

We lifted off early in the morning (5am to be exact) to catch the morning sunrise. We were 5 to a basket so it was a bit tight so best to go as a group of 5 so you are more comfortable and can swap locations with each other.

Once airborne you can marvel on the amazing landscape that stretches before you amidst the hundreds of hot air Balloons that dot the sky. I would have wanted to take them from the ground as well but will have to wait for another trip.

We ended the tour with Champagne (non-alcoholic so probably more like sparkling grape juice) and watched them slowly deflate the balloon on to a waiting truck bed. They are so efficient that we were back in the hotel for breakfast at around 8am.


We ended the little side trip with a short stop before the airport to feed some pigeons and take a last shot of this amazing place. We will be back one day to see more of it! I would highly recommend it for a short stay or part of a around turkey tour which we plan to do soon.

Travel tip: Turkish airlines is very centrally located especially for those traveling from Asia to Europe so it is a great stop over area (they allow you free stopover) to break up those dreadful long haul flights!


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