The Sweeter side of U.K. – LONDON and Nottingham, U.K.


When someone asks you where to get some of the best desserts in the world, you would probably think of France or Japan as some of the best places for confectionary delights. I want to make the point that the U.K. has as much too offer as well if you just sift through to find the gems amidst the rough.


From dreary rain swept afternoons covered with dark clouds to cold frosty air, I can see why London or even Nottingham would be the last places you would look to find something sweet. If however you take a moment to realise that England’s mercantile trade was based on spices (i.e. East India Company) and its age old tradition of Afternoon tea then you begin to discover a new generation of pastry chefs bringing cakes and pastries to life.

Peggy Porschen is without a doubt the BEST cakes in London being an award winning cake designer, she opened a store in Ebury, London.

(Clockwise) The Dark chocolate truffle cake (left of photo) was subtle and alluring in its seductive chocolate layers while moist cake layers balanced off the sweetness to be one of the best I ever had. The Red Velvet cupcake whose icing was silky yet not too sweet complemented the red cupcake. My husband was quite full from breakfast so settled for the Hot Chocolate which he claimed was the closest to Angelina’s he has ever had combined with the Orange and Almond Cake which is wheat and dairy free!  (Travel Tip #1: Come early especially on a Sunday morning as the line gets quite long in the afternoon Tip #2: Take a table outside to see the luxury cars and well dressed residents stroll by Tip #3: Walk down the street to see the pretty store fronts and work off all the calories).



UGLY BREAD BAKERY – Opens only at 10am and closes by 7pm (OMG!) but is it full all day as it is without a doubt the best pastry place in Nottingham . The Salted Caramel brownie was simply addicting and I had it three times in a week I was there.


WHITE RABBIT TEAHOUSE – The best place for Afternoon Tea piled high with home made sandwiches served all day all amidst a comfy little white and pink setting much like Sketch from London. (Travel Tip: Tea is for two and quite hefty so make sure to save space and around 30 GBP). It is tucked away in a little alley set aside from the shopping areas for a good place to rest after all the shopping.


The Doughnotts – is a must do and was put up by a couple looking to fund their vacation so they started selling donuts in fairs and did so well they decided to put up a tiny shop in the basement near the market square. We both had Death by chocolate donuts which had cake pieces on top of rich chocolate donuts (Travel tip: They do not heat donuts for some strange reason so best to take out and heat it up at home)

Always make sure to save room for dessert!




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  1. These outdoor patio shots are making me very jealous! It’s still knee-deep snow and freezing temperatures here in Canada!

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