Delectable and Disastrous Dining – London, England

Start your London Tower tour with breakfast by London Bridge at Coppa Club’s riverside igloos definitely looked better than it tasted. The salmon looked straight out of the can (Bumblebee anyone?) and the Smashed avocado and poached eggs were nothing to write home about. The ambiance though is definitely amazing (Tourist trap check!)

Now on to real value meals… just off Regent Street is Mother Mash. I had the traditional minced beef pie which had a flaky crust and the finely grounded beef. My husband had the lamb pie special of the day which was soft and tender with traditional gravy and mashed potato. This is a must when coming to London and great after a long day of shopping.

Burger and Lobster is a highly rated chain of restaurants found all over central London. My husband ordered the B&L combo which was a 1 pound lobster and 5 oz burger which could fill up most men on a hungry day which at 32 pounds is not cheap but worth the value. The sauce was a well balanced act between the creme and lemon while the surprise side was the salad which rounded out the whole dish.


Oops! Almost forgot I was looking for a lighter option so I had the lobster roll which was a decent brioche bun with a bit too much creme filling but the B&L was the clear winner.

Perfect brunch in London is at Jackson + Rye with a lovely classic ambiance. My favourite on the menu would have to be The “Avocado Benedict” with a perfectly poached egg atop a half slice of avocado all drizzled with hollandaise sauce. My husband ordered Caramelised Banana buttermilk pancakes and my son ordered Berries buttermilk pancakes which were heavy but delicious.

The biggest disaster was my birthday dinner at The Gilbert Scott in St Pancras Station probably because my husband chose the package deal with Renaissance hotel which featured a Three course set menu which all looked dubious. When we asked if we could purchase other items on the menu the waiter just gave us a blank stare. It was also very casual dining considering  it was supposedly the best place to eat in the station and required reservations ahead. The appetiser carrots looked like they were cut by my 6 year old and my lamb was charred to a crisp. The only saving dish was the seared pear which I could do at home. In fairness perhaps if you ordered from the main menu then it may have been better but seeing other people’s reviews suggest you skip this and just grab a bite at the Booking Office (Travel Tip: Great place for a meeting)


The best way to end any trip is to have a great dessert. My husband couldn’t wait but took a little bite at the back (yes he got his hand slapped!)

Carluccios whose vongole pasta was decent but the real stand out was the Chocolate and Rum fudge cake.


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