Mystic Morocco

Many people only think of the famous movie Casablanca when they hear of Morocco but there is so much more to see. 


In a fishing village off the coast of Morocco lies a tower that came out in our favorite game of thrones is shot More info here


Hundreds of boats littered the “seascape” in what seemed like absolute chaos but when seen up close a pattern emerges that tell of the hard working fishermen who say they get less and less fish each year perhaps due to over fishing.

Atlas Mountains


Dotting the hills are traditional clay houses where people still live today.


One of the most interesting things to see on road trips are goats that regularly climb the famous Argan trees but farmers have since discouraged it as it damages the trees.



The tallest building is the Koutoubia mosque which is in the midst of renovating.

Berber Rugs

There is no tour that does not lead you into one of these “tourist traps” but you do have to appreciate the beautiful hand woven rugs. Travel Tip: Buying these rugs can be intimidating at first make sure to practice your bargaining skills beforehand. This was a large one with many selections which even had antique doors at the top floor. 

Travel Tips

There is actually no real Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca but it was recreated in 2004. If you wish to see Marrakesh it is far better to fly into the new International Airport in Marrakesh Menara Airport then drive to Casablanca and stay a few nights. Our cousin’s luggage was delayed almost 4 days by Air Morocco (Worst Airline ever!) which had horrible customer service but perhaps would have been easier in the new airport. 



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