New Orleans Novelties

One cannot go to New Orleans without having a Beignet at the original Cafe Du Monde in downtown (Don’t bother with the other commercialized branches at the malls – they are terrible!) Just make sure to go on an off hour or the wait can be a bit long. Ask one of the many waitresses for a table and they will gruffly give you a table and toss you plates of mountains of white powdered fluffy confectionaries. It was a bit too fast food fashion for my taste but given the cheap price perhaps this is understandable. Nevertheless this is without a doubt one of the best treats in NOLA making you remember the scene in Princess and the Frog and a sure hit with the kids 😉


On the way back from the air boat tours we had a truly unique appetizer in Des Familles  was the Alligator Stuffed mushrooms. It tasted more like a crab cake mixed with lean meat.


We ended with a delectable White Chocolate bread pudding .


One of the most famous dishes is the Seafood Gumbo which is a mixture of rice with a crab base.


One of the simplest but most delicious secret dishes of New Orleans is the Buttered beans and shrimp with Fried Thin-cut Fish at Nobiles. Only locals seem to know this place at its off the beaten path a bit but definitely on the way to Oak Alley plantation. Price is cheaper compared to eating at the plantations and more down to earth.

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